My name is Dane. I’m originally from Southern Indiana, far out in the country, surrounded only by corn for a landscape As a military brat, my family did move around for several years, between being stationed in the UK and North Carolina, we eventually settled in the Midwest.

Sometime as a kid, I was placed in piano lessons, which kept up for a little over a decade. During this time, I was subject to more music theory than I knew what to do with, but couldn’t make sense of much of it at the time, practically speaking. About ten years into piano, I noticed that the guitar (which I swore was far too complicated for me and decided I would never play) was looking more and more appealing. I began teaching myself guitar while simultaneously taking piano lessons.

Coming from a musical family, it wasn’t enough to play only two instruments, and I eventually found myself dabbling in drums and all the variants within the saxophone family I could get my hands on.

By the time I joined the Navy in 2004, I had all but abandoned these other instruments to focus entirely on the guitar, which has continued to fascinate me since.

After leaving the military, I returned to Indiana to pursue more within the world of music; including recording, a hefty stint in music retail, guitar tech work and maintenance, and continued songwriting and composition.


What about my own music?

From the “Maychild” EP:

Red Flags

Pier 9

Can’t Recall